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Spot On Conveyancing provides professional conveyancing advice and services to buyers and sellers in the Logan area

Fixed-Fee Conveyancing Lawyers in Logan

Embark on your property journey in Logan with our affordable fixed-fee conveyancing solicitors and experienced legal team in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Our professional Logan conveyancing service blends deep legal expertise with a commitment to client care, ensuring every transaction is smooth and stress-free.

Our property lawyers excel at managing contract exchanges, conducting thorough searches, providing tailored advice, and navigating the local housing market precisely. Our team goes beyond mere legal services, acting as trusted partners in realising your real estate goals in Logan’s dynamic landscape.

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Our Logan Conveyancing Services

Discover our unparalleled conveyancing services tailored to your unique needs, where expert legal guidance meets personalised care. Let us precisely navigate the complexities of your property matters, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience every step of the way.

Conveyancing for Buyers

Buying a home is exciting and complex, and our Logan team ensures it’s as smooth as possible. We guide you from reviewing contracts to comprehensive property searches, ensuring your interests are always protected. With our team’s focus on clarity and thoroughness, you’ll make informed decisions confidently.

Buy Property

Conveyancing for Sellers

Our conveyancing services offer a streamlined, stress-free experience when selling a home. We handle everything from drafting your sale agreement to managing all legal documentation, ensuring your rights are protected at a fixed fee. Our team’s proactive approach to coordinating with buyers and addressing queries ensures a smooth transaction.

Sell Property

Commercial Conveyancing

Our commercial property conveyancing services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of business real estate transactions. We navigate the complexities of commercial sales, purchases, and leases with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of commercial property law. Our team ensures that all legal, regulatory, and financial aspects are meticulously handled, safeguarding your business interests.

Commercial Conveyancing

Off-the-Plan Conveyancing

Our off-the-plan conveyancing takes a specialised approach. We meticulously examine complex and standard REIQ contracts, safeguarding your interests in projects yet to materialise. Our thorough due diligence ensures you are well-informed about timelines, developer obligations, and potential variations. With our expert guidance, you can confidently invest in off-the-plan properties.

Off-the-Plan Conveyancing

The Conveyancing Process

For Buyers
For Sellers


  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding the buyer’s needs and objectives specific to Logan buyers.
  2. Reviewing the Contract: Careful examination for accurate information on the contract of sale by identifying terms, conditions, and potential issues.
  3. Signing of Contract
  4. Property Searches: Property conveyancing includes thorough searches, including title, zoning, and Logan City Council checks.
  5. Financial Arrangements: Assisting with mortgage and financial aspects, liaising with banks or financial institutions.
  6. Legal Documentation: Preparing and managing all legal paperwork required for transferring title.
  7. Addressing Queries: Promptly respond to the buyer’s enquiries or concerns regarding their purchase.
  8. Settlement Preparation: Coordinating with all parties for a smooth process, ensuring everything is ready for the transfer.
  9. Finalising the Purchase: Overseeing the settlement process, including exchanging contracts and payment of funds.
  10. Post-Settlement: Ensuring the transfer of ownership is properly recorded and notifying relevant authorities of the change.


  1. Seller Consultation: Initiate the process with a consultation to understand the seller’s goals and timeline.
  2. Contract Preparation: Drafting a comprehensive contract of sale, including necessary disclosures and specific terms.
  3. Signing of contract
  4. Managing Legal Paperwork: Handling all legal documents required for the sale.
  5. Addressing Buyer’s Enquiries: Responding to questions from the buyer or their conveyancing solicitor.
  6. Settlement Coordination: Organising and preparing for settlement, coordinating with the buyer’s conveyancing lawyers and other parties.
  7. Overseeing Contract signing: Managing the signing of contracts and ensuring the correct handling of funds at settlement.
  8. Post-Settlement Procedures: Completing necessary steps post-sale, like discharging any mortgages and notifying relevant authorities.

Why Choose Spot On Conveyancing Logan?

Choosing Spot On Conveyancing means entrusting your transactions to a team renowned for precision, expertise, and personalised service.

We stand out for our deep understanding of the property market, commitment to clear communication, and proactive approach to handling legal complexities.

Our dedicated team ensures every aspect of providing conveyancing services, whether buying, selling, or commercial transactions, is managed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We’re your go to for affordable conveyancing services and gaining a partner who prioritises your peace of mind and success in legal matters.

Property Conveyancing for Logan Buyers and Sellers

Whether you’re buying or selling...
we offer a fixed price guarantee.

At Spot On Conveyancing, we offer fixed price Brisbane conveyancing services, ensuring complete transparency and reliability throughout the settlement process. Our team of experienced property lawyers is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support, whether it's for buying, selling, or managing commercial contracts.

Cost price – All searches and outlays are at cost price. You only pay what we pay.

Avoid risk – We identify the risks and protect you from losing your hard earned capital.

Save money – Ensure the transaction stays in your favor when faults are found.

Lowest price guarantee – we offer fixed buyer & seller conveyancing with no hidden fees.

We don’t believe in hidden costs, only clear, fixed fees for a top notch service.

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Received a quote from another conveyancer? Be sure to check the fine-print! Many budget conveyancing services add additional search costs and settlement fees. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise waiting for you when your property settles. Our professional conveyancers are more than happy to review other quotes and make sure they’re in your best interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a buyer and seller use the same conveyancer?

It is generally not recommended for a buyer and a seller to use the same solicitor in a property transaction. While not illegal, using the same person or law firm for both parties can lead to potential conflicts of interest. Each law firm for property conveyancing is responsible for acting in their client’s best interests, which can be challenging when those interests are opposing, as is often the case in property transactions.

How do I choose a conveyancer in Australia?

When making your choice, consider their experience, especially in the specific type of transaction you’re undertaking. Look for licensed professionals with a good reputation and positive client reviews. It’s also important to assess their communication skills and responsiveness, as clear and timely communication is crucial throughout the conveyancing process.

Why would I use a conveyancer?

You would use a conveyancing service for their expertise in handling the legal aspects of buying or selling a house or commercial building. Our Logan team are specialists in property law and is skilled in managing the complex paperwork and processes involved in property transactions. They ensure that the following guidelines are met:

  • Legal obligations.
  • Conduct necessary property searches.
  • Handle the transfer of funds.
  • Ensure the proper registration of property ownership.

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